Drug And Alcohol Testing

Although we don’t provide drug and alcohol testing ourselves, we certainly understand the critical importance of this service to our clients. This is why we’ve partnered with Nevada-based Timely Testing to provide you with a certified option to allow you to ensure your workforce is free from substance abuse.

In addition to providing a high level of standard services, what makes their team so unique is they offer Mobile Testing which means they come to you when you need them most in a convenient and…timely…way.

As we are at Employer Lynx with background screening, the professionals at Timely Testing are in the trenches every day when it comes to drug and alcohol testing. We both work in dozens of industries with many thousands of employees, as well as with large numbers of supervisors and employers. That means, in collaboration, we bring a great deal of practical experience into the training room.

This is why we’ll be teaming up together to provide our collective client base the most specialized education for background investigation and drug and alcohol screening. You won’t want to miss our series of powerful webinars.


What You Can Expect When Working With Timely Testing

  • You will receive an extreme level of responsiveness. No matter whether it’s the middle of the day or the middle of the night, they will treat your call as urgent. They respond 24/7/365.
  • The technician who comes to your facility has been personally screened and trained by them to the highest standards. That includes continuing education to keep up with the many changes in the field of drug and alcohol testing.
  • They treat your employees like their own—with courtesy, respect, and friendliness.
  • Your paperwork is not only safe and secure, but they can send you copies at any time.
  • Their training information is continually updated with state and federal rule changes, so you don’t have to spend the time to do that.
  • You’ll be kept in the loop about all drug and alcohol testing that happens at your facility.
  • They’re always a phone call away to answer your questions, customize a solution to your needs, and help you any way they can.

Timely Testing: 888-403-3928

The importance of drug and alcohol screening is more important than ever.