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National Criminal Search

A very useful source in casting a wider net in areas other than present and previous residences to compliment a more focused County, State, or Federal criminal background check program.  This search may find records from geographic areas not previously revealed. Although not all States and/or Counties participate (for example, Nevada does not report to the national repository), this database houses approximately 70% of the National criminal records. Although this is not a complete coverage of the United States and it is not as up to date as more specific criminal searches, this important tool includes multiple sources and expands the scope for criminal information including some State and County criminal repositories, parole records, fugitive information, misdemeanors, correctional institutions, some sex offender records and other State, County and Federal records. Most records in this database search are updated monthly. Some records are updated every quarter or semi-annually. Participating entities will vary in information and details provided.

If a possible hit is detected a more definitive and accurate search, such as a County or State level (where available), is strongly recommended. Verification is essential to help avoid possible legal issues due to faulty information and to comply with FCRA requirements. NOTE: Additional County or State fees will apply.

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