Tenant Screening

Our tenant screening services for landlords, property managers and investors will take the extra steps and attention required to help you make an informed decision. Our research is concise, accurate and up-to-date. All applicable laws and regulations are stringently followed to help assure you will get a better tenant, avoid nasty disputes and discrimination claims. You select the screenings preferred. There are no minimum order requirements. No membership or monthly fees.

1) Credit Report:* – This report will reveal fiscal responsibility including bankruptcies, liens, judgments and debt status and more. NOTE: This report will reveal the individual(s) Credit Score Model and is highly confidential. It should not be shared with any unauthorized person.

2) Residence/Landlord History: – Besides an application cross reference, this is a verification of past places of residency from information provided by the applicant and/or obtained through the National Tenant Search. If needed, to further investigate inconsistent search results, past landlords will be contacted by telephone and asked to verify applicant’s information.

3) Employment History: – This report will help determine the applicant’s ability to pay the monthly rent and validate past work history and position as submitted by the applicant. Past employers will be contacted to verify information.

4) County Criminal Search:Covers 2 courts (Justice and District) in the County Seat or Superior Courts in some states. All County courts throughout the nation are accessible through a network of qualified court researcher’s familiar with specific court retrieval requirements.

5) Civil Record Search:These are non-criminal legal actions filed by individuals or businesses against other individuals or businesses. This search is based on the applicant’s County of residence.

6) Social Security Trace: – Data based search confirming the information provided by the applicant. This report may reveal a SSN number that is fraudulent, retired, not issued or is being used by multiple individuals. It can also lead to questions regarding previous residences.

7) Registered Sex Offender: – This search is designed to detect persons considered to be violent, repeat and/or likely to repeat offenders as determined by the various state criminal courts. A national data search is conducted.

*Under Federal Fair Credit reporting laws, a signed release must be obtained from tenant candidate to conduct a credit background report (#1). Employer Lynx will provide required release forms.


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