Employer Lynx Training Center

Welcome to the Employer Lynx Training Center. It’s our goal to provide our clients with the highest level of education when it comes to background screening and investigations. 

We are providing a series of instructional webinars to offer a broader understanding of how background screening works and to answer the most frequently asked questions we receive on a daily basis. 


If you’re like most of the business owners, managers, and human resources professionals we serve here at Employer Lynx, you’re busier than ever.

The process of recruiting, maintaining, and training a workforce has become a monumental task over the past few years.

Most of the people we work with say this is one of the most difficult hiring environments they’ve ever had to face. Several of these professionals sharing this opinion have been in their industries for decades.

Which is why as a provider of background checks and investigations we are always looking at innovative ways of making your job easier. That is the job of hiring and retaining your team members.

This short training is designed to guide you through the Applicant Entry functionality of our Secure Online Portal system, which greatly simplifies recruiting for your organization.

This presentation contains the judgment of the presenter(s) and is not to be construed as legal advice. Participants are encouraged to contact knowledgeable legal counsel if this presentation raises specific questions regarding participants’ circumstances. Legal analysis requires individual examination of facts, and how the law will intersect with those facts.  Our hope is that this presentation will help you become aware of the importance of issues that you may encounter.