Statewide Criminal Search

This is a broader scope geographical area criminal background check extending the County check to a more comprehensive individual State level search (where available). Not all States currently have a Statewide Repository or information is severely limited or not up to date so caution must be exercised. For example, Nevada* and Utah provide a reliable statewide search, whereas California and Arizona only offer a criminal search at the County level. Approximately 39 States are now available with timely and up to date information. This can be a cost effective way to search criminal records in multiple Counties within a State. Please note, in some states not all courts report.

* Employer Lynx has proprietary access to the Nevada State Criminal Records Repository. The Repository provides up to date criminal record history in all 17 Counties in Nevada (Municipal, District, and Justice). Nevada is the only State that requires a special Release to obtain criminal records from the Repository. Search includes AKA’s that might have been used.

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