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The number one most important employee benefit you can offer your staff is a safe and productive workplace.


With Employer Lynx’s suite of highly-regarded background screening and investigation services, you can have confidence in the people you hire and retain. Not only will this ensure for a well-functioning and productive team, it will give your employees the safe working environment they count on you to provide.








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Hiring & Retaining
With Your Eyes Wide Open

Employer Lynx, Inc. is a full service background investigation company. We specialize in the areas of employment and tenant screening.

We will thoroughly investigate the background of your potential candidate to ensure that you are hiring, contracting with, or renting to the most reliable, talented and responsible candidate possible. We will provide an in depth prospective on the background of the potential candidate you choose. The information provided will give you the power to make informed decisions and will help strengthen your financial status.

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