The Unsung Employment Heroes Of Nevada

by | Aug 27, 2020

Inconspicuously serving under the radar during this crazy pandemic season of 2020 are a group of individuals who are contributing mightily to a tremendous Nevada comeback story.
Against all odds, these gifted and dedicated professionals are accomplishing great feats under the most difficult of circumstances.
Yes, everyone knows about and appreciates our front-line responders and health care professionals.
These are our beloved doctors, nurses and the many others in the health care industry risking so much to fight on our behalf against COVID-19.
They are certainly deserving of our respect and deep gratitude.
Concurrently, over the past few months, all throughout the world, our nation and more specifically, our state of Nevada, we are being tasked to rebound in the face of the greatest disruption of labor since the Great Depression.
During this time, other heroes have emerged, and few are talking about them.
Who are they?
It’s you. The business owners. The organizational leaders. Human resources professionals.
Has there ever been a more difficult assignment in all of your career? To have to shut down your business, close your doors, limit your activity, and then be asked to open everything back up again under extraordinary new conditions!
Take a bow! You deserve it.
Nevada is on a sharp rebound, and much of it is a result of entrepreneurial ingenuity and your creative, professional resiliency.
A recent study by the human resources firm Mercer revealed that 1 in 3 companies will have more than 50% of their employees working remotely following the pandemic.
This is compared to 1 in 30 companies that had as many members of their staff working offsite before the virus struck.
More than 60% of these companies report providing flexibility for caregivers during this time of challenge. They are allowing parents to change their schedules during times of school closures, and many of these working parents have been allowed to work part time or during off hours.
Remarkably, some 90% of the companies surveyed shared that they have found their productivity to have either remained the same or to have improved during this time.
That success is because of you. Again, please take a bow.
We are honored to play our small role in your comeback efforts by continuing to provide strong and reliable background checks, despite all of the obstacles.
If you have any questions during these times of challenge and change, please don’t hesitate to call or to send us a note.

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